About Splices Creative

Splices Creative, based right in the heart of the MSC in Malaysia, South-East Asia is taking Cyberjaya & Putrajaya by storm. 

Splices Creative is Malaysia's leading video production company that specializes in the automotive industry. Our clients include Lotus (History, Lotus Club, Drifting), Porsche (World Road Tour events), Saab, Renault, The Instructors Driving School (Germany) and worldwide car launches. We have even got "personal" with Kimi & Montoya from McLaren (Formula 1 drivers).  Finnish coolness meets Colombian Heat!

Our showreel will speak for itself. 

About Video Production

At Splices, we create videos for a wide range of demands, from informational videos for use in the corporate environments to medical training videos for use in teaching (education environments). 

After taking a brief, we will put together a production team, to produce a script, liaise with you on your needs and requirements, plus allocate a reasonable amount of resources; ranging from camera crew, make-up artist, voice-over talents, talents and finally, an audio engineer and video editor. Once the film or initial footage is shot on broadcast quality medias, our engineers and editors will pressed for time to present a draft or "guide" to you.

Sound tracks, audio and visual effects are added in and the final video is presented to you.


* Splices - Editing technique of joining two separate pieces of film together (using tape or cement) to create a continuous piece.

* The physical act of cutting a medium, such as film or audio tape, to add new tape to it or take out portions of it.